Eyes & Brows


We provide 2 levels of brow waxing because some brows take more time to perfect.

  1. Classic Brow Wax $30 - Choose when your brows are quick and easy to wax. Need no shaping/measuring. "Tidy Up" 10 mins Max.
  • Brow Tidy 10 mins $30 plus Tint $40 plus Lash Tint $65 plus Lash Lift $125

2. BROW ARTISTRY "Premium Brows" $60- not "just a wax and tint." Our brow specialists will sculpt, brow map and reform your brows. Using the very latest, longer lasting colours, techniques and shaping methods. Allow 20-25 mins.

Premium Brow Artistry + Lash Lint $80 + Lash Lift $155

Henna Brows - A great option when you'd like the hairs stained for longer. There will be stainage on the skin, but how long this lasts depends on your skin and aftercare. If you'd like more stainage, perhaps enquire about Brow Tattooing with Shakira.

  • Henna Brows & Sculpt - $75
  • Henna Brows, Sculpt & Lash Tint - $90
  • Henna Brows, Sculpt, Lash Tint & Lash Lift - $165

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